Damon braces

Tacoma and Gig Harbor's Damon bracket experts

Damon braces
For greater comfort and convenience, we at Smart, Kokich and Quinn offer Damon braces, the best self-ligating braces on the market.

Not all braces are created equal. We have chosen to work with Damon braces for several reasons, but the comfort and convenience that they offer you, the patient, are at the top of our list, right up there with the great results they produce. And we're not the only fans of Damon braces. Tacoma and Gig Harbor's best advertisements for Damon braces are the smiles of our happy patients.

Greater comfort

The brackets on Damon braces are small, comfortable, and smooth. Put simply, they're “easier on the eyes” and feel better against the inside of your lips.
They've also been shown to create less friction in your mouth. While we can't promise that you won't experience any soreness (if you're not experiencing some soreness, you're teeth aren't moving), we can assure you that patients find them to be more comfortable overall.

      Fewer adjustments and shorter appointments

      The technology used in Damon braces allows you to go a few more weeks between adjustments, which means fewer visits over all. Plus, the brackets are super easy for our staff to adjust, meaning that your visits will be more efficient, leaving you more time in your day for the things you enjoy.

          Wider smiles and optimal facial shaping

          When you combine the technology of Damon braces with the skill of our orthodontists, we're able to achieve a high-quality outcome for you, including a wider smile that subtly improves the structure of your face.

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