Your ticket to lasting results

After your aligners or braces come off, it's time to make sure you keep that irresistible smile that you've invested months and months to get. That means retainers.

How long does the retention phase last?
You'll be wearing a retainer for a minimum of 24 months. Remember, the final results of your orthodontic treatment come down to compliance, in other words if you follow your treatment plan by wearing your retainer as planned. Follow through is essential.

Retainer tips
Try to think of your retainer as a part of your mouth. It needs daily hygiene too. Remove your retainer when you brush and floss and make sure you give your retainer a good brushing too before popping it back in.

If you show discipline in this final stage of treatment, it's not unreasonable to think that your healthy, beautiful smile could last a lifetime.

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